Uploading a file

Enrichment helps you refine your datasets by adding missing information or completely new data fields. For example, provide an email address and find social media profiles, phone numbers, addresses, business details, and more.

Here’s how it works. 


  1. Upload a CSV file (columns separated by a “,” or “;”) and select a country (or all countries) to format specific data e.g. phone number, zip code etc. Also check or uncheck the boxes to indicate that the first row of your file contains headings or if we should include historical data as well in the enrichment process. The advantage of historical data is that we can match more data. The disadvantage is that the information may already be outdated.
  2. Now you have to help us understand your data. Match your CSV columns to one of our available fields. (Match at least one field to continue to the next step.)
  3. In this step you can select the fields you want to add to your CSV file. You can add as many fields as you want. You can also search for fields in the search bar or click on the arrow behind the category (screenshot) to view all the available fields.
  4. The algorithm will now start matching the data with the selected fields.
  5. A CSV file of the enriched index is made available for downloading in your left Account menu under Files and then Enriched files.

It is also possible to integrate our API into your customer database. That way your database is always up to date with our most recent – monthly – updates.