What is the Data Dictionary?

It contains the definitions of all fields in Dataprovider.com.

You can find our Data Dictionary here
You can search for a specific field in the search bar, select a category to find certain fields or scroll through the whole list of fields.
Also, you can export the Data Dictionary by clicking on the yellow button in the top right-hand corner: it'll be downloaded on your computer as an .xlsx file (Excel). 
Default fields
You'll notice that some rows are grey (not available by default) and others are black (available by default).
There are different reasons why those fields aren't turned on. For example: 
  • BETA fields are still in development
  • DUNS needs an additional contract
  • Certainty fields are optional
In some cases it's possible to get these optional fields. If there are any specific fields you need, send us an email at support@dataprovider.com.