Introduction of our homepage

After signing up, you’ll land on our brand new homepage. Here you can access different products, set up your account and look up our data fields specifications.


The homepage starts with an overview of recent changes in our interface.

Right at the centre of the homepage you'll see our products. You can easily navigate through them at any time using the sidebar on your left-hand side. 

New is the feature of Recipes. Recipes make it very easy to find what technologies are used online. Because has so many fields and each field contains different values it can be a challenge to know what to look for. Recipes are predefined filters that result in a particular dataset.


Depending on your company setup, you can also find the following items on the sidebar:

  • In Files you can access your Datasets, Exports, Private databases and Enriched files.
  • Search through our recipes where complex filter combinations are ready for you to explore results, create breakdowns or analyze the trend. 
  • Products
    • Search Engine: Search Engine grants you access to most of our data. Search for keywords, apply over 200 unique filters in any combination and construct datasets that best suit your needs. Discover the location of websites, detect online stores, see what payment methods they use, and more.
    • Know Your Customer: With Know Your Customer you can get tailored insights into your clients' websites. If you want to audit companies' domains and websites that belong to your prospective or current customers, all you need to do is give us a list with their names. Our smart crawlers will return an exhaustive information index for every domain or website on that list. You get to decide how often: every day or every month.
    • Reverse DNS: You can use this technology to gain insights into the movement and expansion of businesses online. Find out what networks surround a particular domain, perform market analyses, generate leads, and expand B2B targeting groups with access to the world's largest IP database.
    • Enrichment: You can refine datasets by filling in for missing information and adding completely new data fields. For example, if you provide an email address, you can find social media profiles, phone numbers, addresses, business details, and more. Upload a CSV file of your dataset and select what attributes you want to enrich.
    • Traffic index: The traffic index is an index where we compare the traffic of a website to the traffic to Google. For example; if the traffic index for on a certain day is 32,512,527 means: If 1,000,000,000 connections go to on that day then 32,512,527 connections connect to We use an index because nobody knows the exact traffic a website generates except the webmaster.
  • Account:
    • Set up your Profile: change your password and user information.
    • Get an overview of your Usage: the number of exported records for each month.
  • Developers
    • API documentation: offers all its data through different endpoints. The complete list of endpoints, examples and explanations is available on our API documentation page. Your API key is connected to your account and is required to access our API. Create an API key and connect your account to access it. 
  • Support:
    • View the definitions of all data fields in in our Data Dictionary.
    • Report a bug: If you run into glitches or errors in our system, you can report it by clicking on this button. Make sure you describe the bug in detail and how to reproduce it.
  • Admin:
    • If you are a company admin, you can add more users to the company account or set up permissions or limits to the account.
    • You can also Impersonate another person within your company to view datasets.

At the bottom of the homepage you'll find our Terms of Service and Privacy Statement in Legal.

You can always return to the homepage by clicking on Home at the top of the sidebar.

If you need more space on your screen, you can collapse the sidebar by clicking on the yellow arrow.

If you want to learn more about setting up your account, click here.