You created an account and set up your profile. What else can you do within your account settings?

Control your Usage

In this overview we list every number of records you exported each month.

You can unfold a month and see what exports there have been made, when and by who. It’s a list with all exports made by your company.

Should you regret a certain export or accidentally export a dataset twice, you can select “Ignore row”.

Set up your Profile

When you are properly logged in, you can set up your account by following these steps:

  1. Enter your First name and Last name.
  2. Insert an email address
  3. You can subscribe to our emails about new products, best practices or special offers by checking the box. 
  4. You can change your password by entering your current password
  5. and continue by inserting a new password (make sure you stick to the rules of creating a password)

Being a Super Admin

Some of you will have the role of being the Super Admin. By having that role you can:

  • Set up or delete accounts for your colleagues
  • Approve large exports that have been created by your company to avoid mistakes
  • Manage the permissions or limits of certain accounts
  • Download a file with the log activities of a user
  • Impersonate other accounts (of your company) to help out or get access to exports.

Upgrade your subscription

If you prefer to change your choice of plan, contact our sales team.