Knowing your customer

With Know Your Customer you can get tailored insights into your clients' websites.

If you need to audit domains and websites that belong to businesses, prospects or customers, all you need to do is to tell us what they are. Our smart crawlers will return an exhaustive information index for every domain and website on that list. You get to decide how often: every day, every month, it's up to you.

Indexing a file is done on a separate, dedicated server, which can only be accessed by you and Your results will not be shared with other parties and will not become available in the public section of Only whitelisted IP addresses can access the reports.

Uploading a file

  • Step 1
    As this is your data, it is stored on a separate firewall protected server and only whitelisted IP addresses are able to access it. You need to provide us with your IP address so that we can whitelist it and you can have access to the data.
  • Step 2
    You need to create a CSV or TXT file with all hostnames you want to explore. It is important that you make sure that the domain is listed first. Optionally, you can add an identification number or a key to the domain separated by a "," or ";" like this:

Be aware of the fact that we only look at the first two columns of the file you upload.

  • Step 3
    Follow these steps to upload the file:
  1. Log in to your Dataprovider account
  2. Go to Know Your Customer and click on Get started
  3. Select Upload file

Know-Your-Customer-Dataprovider-com (1)

After you upload your file we’ll start indexing the websites. 

You will be notified by email when the file is ready.

  • Step 4
    When the file is ready, follow these steps to download the file:
  1. Log in to your Dataprovider account
  2. Go to Files in your Account menu
  3. Select Private databases
  4. Click on the dots behind the file name and select Download

Home-Dataprovider-com (2)-1

The file will be downloaded to your computer.

Analysing your results

The results will also be made available in your Know Your Customer database. In your KYC dashboard you can see the files you have uploaded. Click on a database and view all the hostnames you have uploaded in the respective database. You can view the data in two ways: as a Sheet that lists all the hostnames and Statistics that provide a high-level view.



You can filter the results through more than 200 fields. Please check our Data Dictionary for an overview of all variables we currently provide. The variables can change per month.