The Basics

In order to make optimal use of our products, it is necessary that you get to know our search engine well. That's why here's an explanation of how to use the search engine in general. It applies to any of our Dataprovider products.

With our search engine you can use keywords, apply filters and construct datasets that best suit your needs. Let’s look at the product ‘Search Engine’ for example and zoom into our filtering system.


First you will notice the Search in content option.


It’s similar to your regular search engine like Google or Bing. You can use keywords to get results about ‘shoes’ for example. The engine will look for this keyword in the content of websites. Like Google you can use a Boolean Search to get even more specified results, for example ‘shoes’ AND ‘bags’. To learn more about this click here

The second option is to use our filters. You can choose from over 200 data variables. A filter row consists of a main filter and two subfilters. The filter in the leftmost drop-down menu determines what it is you are looking for, a.k.a. the subject. You can scroll through the list of data variables and click the info-icon to see the description.

Search-Engine-Dataprovider-com (6)

The first subfilter is about what you want with the subject. Do you want it to be blank or does it need to have a specific name or number? The second subfilter shows you the values of the subject. 

Search-Engine-Dataprovider-com (7)

Let’s try it out:

  • Select ‘Continent’,
  • Select the modifier ‘is’
  • Select a value, let’s say: ‘Europe’

And just like that, we’ve created a filter that shows you all websites in Europe. 

You can add more filters by clicking on the blue button Add filter row

Search-Engine-Dataprovider-com (8)

When hovering over a filter you will see three more options appear: AND, OR and Delete.

Search-Engine-Dataprovider-com (9)-1

Let’s see what these options can do. 

Add a new filter row. Select ‘Payment method is PayPal’. Hover and select the modifier OR. Now select ‘Payment method is VISA’. The search engine will look for websites in Europe that have either PayPal or VISA as their payment method. 

Search-Engine-Dataprovider-com (10)

If you choose to use the AND modifier between the payment methods filters it will look for websites that have both methods in use. This means that the amount of records will drop.

Search-Engine-Dataprovider-com (11)

Should you wish to remove a filter, simply click Delete.  


Learn more about how to perfect your search by clicking here