Doing a Lookup

With the URL Lookup you can look up any website and find extensive information such as business details, website popularity, technologies used on the website, core components of the website's hosting services, website security, and more.

Using the URL Lookup is very simple. All you have to do is search for any URL, like your own company website, and press enter. Then we can explore the details on a number of subjects. 


The URL Lookup starts with a history view of the website. Since we index our directory of websites monthly, you can analyse all changes in the URL’s history. This is a great way to see how active and well-maintained a website is. Select a month and see what changes there have been compared to the month before.

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Let's see what else is to discover on this website. We have created a number of categories that we want to show you.

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First we can see some general Business info, like company name, address, phone number, email address and business registry number. 

When you select Scores you can see some spectacular graphs. It gives a nice overview of how well the website is doing regarding the economic impact, security, SEO and other points. 

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When you hover over the different scores you can read the description for each of them. 

When going to the next category Popularity you can see social stats, incoming links and site traffic information. 

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Technology shows you which technologies are being used on this website. We also show when this technology is first detected.  

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Hosting tells more about:

  • the hosting company
  • the registrar
  • hosting country
  • operating system
  • control panel
  • and webserver

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Would you like more information about SSL certificates, open ports, HTTP headers or reverse DNS, then Security is the category for you. We also show our Trust scores and Security scores.

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